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Straight Blade

I no longer carry a straight razor, nor do I have a gun at my side.

A Warm Kitchen

I watch as he slices a pear, an orange, and a banana and sets them next to the red grapes on the plate. He pours me a glass of orange juice and then lays out plates of sausage, low sodium bacon, honey glazed ham, and potatoes. From the oven he takes out French toast. A […]

A Younger Man

In the bedroom we found a 89 year old man in bed, skin pale and cool and dry, shivering under a mound of blankets, wearing a winter jacket and a baseball cap that said 101st Airbourne.

EMS Towns

I will take a town of single story homes any day over most anything.

Moment of Truth

5,4,3,2,1…the answer isn’t always the answer.


Entry Img

Good bye cute little doughnut. If you didn’t taste so good, I’d keep you on my dashboard just to look at you as counter to all the badness in the world.

How EMS is Like Baseball (But With Better Food)

While I love a Fenway Frank as well as the next guy, after awhile regular ballpark food can taste pretty bland. One good thing about the city I work in is the food is varied, multiethnic and generally awesome.

September 11

It’s hard to believe this beautiful still morning could be transformed into chaos.

The Wheelchair

“Wheelchair?” he says.

Tomorrow Today

So how did my day turn out?

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