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Jesus Took the Bullet

I am expecting to walk into a horror movie and see a zombie hulk smoking a cigarette with half his head missing and brain and blood covering his shirt.

A Lift

So we stretched and limbered up and loosened, and then we took our positions. Knees bent. One two three.


The older I get the easier it becomes to just do what they want you to do. There is usually a good reason behind it.

The Grand Tour

You drive the streets of the city or towns where you work and you go by houses, intersections, businesses where you have done calls. The longer you are at it, the more memory pins are dropped on your street map.

Death in a Nursing Home

We’re called for a child not breathing. The address is a convalescent home. It makes no sense. Then we pull up. There is a car parked askance by the entrance, two front doors and a back door open. The engine still running. In the front lobby two nurses and a police officer kneel over a […]

City Life

Today, at the hospital, I put my stretcher in the back of my old suburban ambulance by mistake.

Paramedics and The ET Tube

The days of handing a laryngyscope to a new paramedic and telling him to go out and not kill anyone need to come to an end.


Entry Img

20 years ago when I was an EMT-Intermediate, we used a device called an EOA (esophageal obdurator airway). The airway was designed to occlude the esophagus, thus enabling supraglottic ventilation. The main problem with the EOA was sometimes instead of going in the esophagus, it ended up in the trachea and was not recognized. I […]

Division of Labor

If you work commercial ambulance in a high volume system, and if one of you is a paramedic and one an EMT (the standard in our system), you and your partner are going to need to work out a way of dividing up the calls.

Blogging (Repost)

Write to elevate the spirit you have seen in people you have cared for — in their worst and best moments. Use your writing to try to understand the world, not to condemn it. Share your victories, your defeats, your frustrations and your hopes. Write to show that you have walked down the EMS streets.

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