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Blue Sky

A long procession of cars, many with their windows whitewashed “RIP Hector” line both sides of the narrow road deep in the cemetery. I kneel on the lush grass. Family and friends dressed in black suits and dresses press against me as I try to calm the young woman who thrashes about and cries out […]

MedicCast – Running Cardiac Arrests

Tuesday night (Tuesday, July 10, 2007) at 10:00 P.M. EST Jamie Davis will be hosting MedicCast Live an internet call-in show “Running the Code: CPR oversight and team leadership” discussing managing cardiac arrests and other difficult calls. MedicCast MedicCast Live Visit to register for free and get a pin number to login. The […]

New Medic

Congratulations to Baby Medic on completing his precepting. He is out there now on his own doing some good. I look forward to his fresh, insight posts.


Listening. It seems like such a simple thing, but we’re all so busy. I had a patient the other day — an old man who has been losing weight and growing weak. He had his esophagus removed 10 years ago and has had problems ever since — diarrhea, loss of appetite. Now almost ninety, he […]

Compelling Reasons

At our regional medical advisory committee’s meeting last week I listed a number of issues I wanted us to address when we reconvened in the fall, including changing our state’s DNR regulations to enable paramedics to accept a family’s verbal wishes not to initiate resuscitation in a patient with a terminal condition in cardiac arrest. […]


Last October I got the crazy idea* in my head that I could be a triathlete, meaning I could enter and finish one of those swim, bike and run distance races. I read an article in Men’s Health called: Anyone Can Be a Triathlete. And I met a nurse on one of my Dominican trips […]


Yesterday was my last day riding with my preceptee. She rides with the chief paramedic on Friday to get cut loose. She will do great. She was a pleasure to precept. We were still checking out our equipment when we were sent for a difficulty breathing. It was an area of one of the towns […]

Mediccast Live!

Tommorow night (Tuesday, June 12, 2007) at 10:00 P.M. I am going to be on the MedicCast Live call-in show discussing Precepting, Preceptors and Preceptees with Jamie Davis, the pod Medic. MedicCast Visit to register for free and get a pin number to login. The show runs for an hour. If you miss […]

How Doctors Think

Giving a verbal report at the hospital is an art form. You want to be able to tell a story clearly and with brevity and nuance so you can accurately convey the issues the patient presents. You want to encapsulate the entirety of your physical exam, history, treatment and thirty minutes spent with the patient […]

Nut Allergy – Sneezing

There are certain calls you get that usually turn out to be nothing — baby choking, person slumped over wheel of car, fall with severe bleeding. In fact, just about every call you get, usually turns out to be nothing much. That’s good. Over time it is a great calmer. I usually say to myself, […]

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