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EMS Memoirs/EMS Fiction

An EMS memoir can take any form, but there are usually only two. 1) The Newbie enters strange new world of EMS, struggles to prove self, and in the end makes good. 2) The Old Dinosaur looks back on his career, telling tales, etc. Sometimes the two are combined together. In the nonfiction books, the […]

Pain Myth

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In my standard talk urging paramedics to be generous with pain management, I have a section called pain myths. One of the myths is entitled Fear of Creating Addicts On the powerpoint I have two pictures, one of an all-American housewife, the other of a skanky drug-addled prostitute. Here is the text from the slide: […]

In Defense of ALS

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In our state (Connecticut), BLS (with sponsor hospital approval) can do the following life-saving interventions: Defibrillate with AED Give Epinephrine in Anaphylaxis Apply CPAP to Severe Respiratory Distress Give Narcan to Hypoventilating Opiate Overdoses Give ASA to Chest Pain. Transmit 12-lead ECG Speed Trauma and Stroke Patients to the Hospital Here’s what They Can’t Do: […]

Thoughts on Lights and Sirens: Stroke

I hardly ever go lights and sirens to the hospital. I feel so strongly about not going lights and sirens unless absolutely necessary, I wrote what became our statewide policy on lights and sirens. Although it was toned down through the various committees it went though, the gist of it remained the same. You should […]


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People are always asking me what changes I have seen over the years.  Here are four changes I have been thinking about lately. More paramedics.  When I started we had anywhere from two to six paramedics on to cover the entire city of Hartford and backup the other three large towns we covered.  On many […]

The Finger

I have been injured seriously enough to miss work twice in the last two decades.  Neither time was I injured on the job.  The first injury was playing softball on our ambulance team (back when we had one). I went from first to third on a single, and as the third base coach signaled me to […]

Assembly Line

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Many years ago, I worked on assembly lines in factories.  I put together and or packaged everything from Christmas Tree stands and door knobs to fast food store deli sandwiches and grocery store beef ribs. The key to the assembly line was to go a little bit faster than you were comfortable going.  You had […]

Paramedic Students

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I remember when I was an EMT student doing my hospital observation time and watching the paramedics come into the hospital with their patients.  How confident they seemed.  I marveled at the ease with which they moved through this strange new world.  I held them in awe as I did the paramedics I later rode […]

Lights and Sirens

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  Kevin Grange’s new memoir is now out. Lights and Sirens is an authentic, compelling narrative of Grange’s journey through UCLA paramedic school and field internship on Los Angeles’s dangerous streets as he trains to save the lives of victims of heart attack, stroke and trauma. Grange is an excellent writer who does a great service […]

Intranasal Narcan for All

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I was on Park Street last week headed into El Mercado to get some pernil (roast pork), yucca and tostones for lunch when a gentleman came up to me and showed me his overdose kit.  He said he’d gotten it at the local needle exchange program.  He said he had already used it once when one […]

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