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December 8, 2018: This weekend, I am in Worcester, Massachusetts at the New England Short Course Meters Masters Swimming Championships as a member of the Connecticut (CONN) team. Last year, we shocked many of the other teams by taking first place. Points are awarded based on place finish in individual and relay events. Each swimmer […]

Not My Addiction

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This is great film, made by EMS for EMS, to help us understand addiction and the stories behind our patient’s lives.  The 37 minute film tells the story of four addicts in their own words, including one who was once in EMS.  Listening to these four tell their stories helps people understand how easy it […]

Down Time

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A few days ago on our employees only Facebook page, someone posted a picture another person had taken of one of our crews while they were parked by the side of a street. The driver leaned against the window, arms folded, eyes closed.  The passenger had his eyes open, but he was slouched down in […]

Opioid Crisis National Roadmap- EMS Comment

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EMS Encouraged to Comment on Opioid Crisis National Roadmap These are my comments on the draft report developed by the Fast Track Action Committee (FTAC) on Health Science and Technology Response to the Opioid Crisis. People who have suffered a nonfatal overdose are at the high risk of suffering a fatal overdose. A recent study […]

Cocaine with Fentanyl

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(Image from InspireMalibu) When they can’t get a hold of their local dealer, the two young men come in to Hartford from the suburbs to buy cocaine. Bart boasted to a younger friend Milton that he could get any drug he wanted on Park Street. “Well, let’s do it,” Milton said. It is true that Bart […]


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He is walking down a side street off Park when he freezes in place. He sees the slow moving black Toyota blink its lights, then he sees the station wagon. Before he can take a step to flee, he sees the barrel come out of the back window. He feels the impact against his shin […]


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We’re sent to the courthouse where a marshal takes us back to a holding cell. A thin, bearded man with cuffs around his wrists and his legs chained is bent over in the bare cell, grimacing. “Guess he got nervous about seeing the judge,” the marshal says to us, “Developed himself some back pain.” “I’ve […]


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I had three people tell me to read this obituary a woman wrote about her sister who died at thirty-two after a long struggle with addiction. Madelyn Linsenmeir, 1988-2018 Powerful.   While I am most moved by the first part that describes Madelyn and shows the clear love of her family for her, I am […]

Spare Change

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I see Maria outside the Spanish market, squatting against the building. She is a tiny woman in her fifties who was introduced to heroin thirty years ago when she was living in New York. The father of her son used it occasionally and when he used, she was obligated to sniff some as well. It […]

Supraglottic Versus ET

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“EMS personnel and physicians involved with protocol development for EMS systems in the United States, United Kingdom, and similar settings with limited exposure to advanced airway management should reconsider the routine use of endotracheal intubation as the first-line strategy for airway management in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.” This is the conclusion of an editorial in the […]

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