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Problems Associated with the Determination of Carbon Dioxide by Infrared Absorbtion

I apologize again for the lack of a post for the last two weeks. I have been very busy and have had too much to write, and so haven’t written anything. The title above refers to a study I was trying to find this morning as I researched a question raised to me by a […]


Sorry about the lack of new posts. I have been working on two, but am not ready to post them yet. I am away for a couple days, but will try to have some new posts ready to post when I get back if not before. I do have some daily posts at Paramedic Journal: […]


It’s raining. The Saab comes around the corner and sees a car pull out ahead of it. The driver turns to the right. Immediately the car begins to hydroplane. Ahead is a telephone pole. We are dispatched to a MVA at a familiar location – a known bad corner. It is ten minutes before crew […]


The call is for a man’s defibrillator going off. When we arrive, it has gone off four times already. I put him on the monitor. “No wonder,” I say. “It looks like v-tach” to me. Then all of a sudden, he cries out as his whole body convulses in pain. (The artifact was caused by […]

Dominican Trip – Things To Do

When I started as a paramedic, my preceptor told me to be successful as a paramedic; you need a big ego to be able to do what is asked of you. You need to be able to seize control of a scene, act decisively and with faith in your every decision. You need a big […]

Medical Mission

I’m off on a Medical Mission to the Domminican Republic for eight days, so no new posts until the 28th of May.


Worn Down

At a doctor’s office, there is a man in his 80’s with a BP of 70, dizzy, not feeling well for two days. I take his pressure — 68/34. He is pale and gray and does not look well. His capnography number is in the low to mid twenties, showing poor perfusion. I do a […]


My preceptee needs a code. He probably needs a couple. He hasn’t done one as a medic yet. He’s intubated “ Fred the Head,” but mannequins just aren’t the real McCoy. While managing a cardiac arrest is about more than just intubating, a medic needs at least one intubation to get cut loose to practice […]

What I Would Want

One of the comments to a recent post was from Henrick, who wrote: “Maybe I´ve misunderstood your post ( english isn´t my first language)and so this could be a reallt stupid question… But I have to ask! Do you really schock people who are awake and talking?” The answer of course is yes, we do, […]

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