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Phase One

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Connecticut began phase one of their reopening today.  I left work early today after our monthly CME, which included a talk from our infectious disease doctor on COVID.  He urged us all to continue to keep our guard up.  It was another beautiful day.  I came home to find my two daughters making doughnuts which […]

Experts are Skeptical

I try to stay up on the COVID News.  I do it to keep sane because I need to focus on something in these sci-fi times, but I confess this–we’ll call it a hobby– also puts me on the verge on insanity.  I think the hardest part of it is its rollercoaster nature.  One minute, the sun is […]

A Home

A beautiful spring day.  The sky is robin’s egg blue.  The air smells like fresh cut grass.  We cut our sirens on approach, and are driving now through the residential neighborhood.  Kids are out on their bikes.  There are joggers aplenty.  Nearly every house has someone out beautifying their yard.  Neighbors talk and laugh with […]


There is a saying that goes like this.  You have a right to walk down the road swinging your arms, but your right to swing your arms freely ends at the point of my nose.  If we want to view this in the great airline seat recline debate, you can recline your chair all you […]

Black Light

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A few posts back I speculated what the corona virus would look like if you could find a way to highlight its presence after an ambulance had been cleaned. Man Versus Germ Check out this article and video.  They put some lotion on a man’s hands and let them get some food at a buffet […]

Universal Precautions

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In the early days of the epidemic, EMS dispatchers used code to forewarn EMS crews that a patient had AIDS.  “Patient requires Universal Precautions.”  The meant, we needed to be sure to put our gloves on.  In time universal precautions became standard language for what you were expected to do on every call.  Put your […]

Time to Party?

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Aside from a one day blip, Connecticut has seen twenty-one straight days of decreased hospitalizations for COVID-19.  As a state we are soon approaching the May 20, 2020 date for phase one of our state’s reopening, which will include many retail stores, and permits restaurants to provide outdoor serving.  (No word yet on opening swimming […]

“They are the frontline.”

The headline says Police, Health Care, Corrections Workers Have Lower Rate of Coronavirus Infection Than General New York Population. The Governor of New York used the new data to proclaim the PPE works.  I thought great, maybe it does work, maybe all our complaining is just belly-aching. “We were afraid of what was going to […]

Surgical Masks and Aerosolization

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COVID-19 is spread primarily in respiratory droplets. Here’s why you need to put a surgical mask on your patients and why we should all be wearing masks ourselves when we are in public. These illustrations come from a study by Vapotherm. COVID-19 Transmission Assessment Report

Infection Control

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I was at an EMS meeting recently and we were talking about when if ever we will go back to the pre-Covid-19 protocols concerning infection control, and someone made the observation that maybe we shouldn’t go back. Just a year ago, we had an agenda item about how EMS was frequently observed not following standard […]

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