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Battle Royale

He is naked in the nursing home hallway, rolling over and over.  We manage to get a sheet under him and lift him up onto our stretcher.  His room air pulse saturation is 74–severely hypoxic.  The nurse, who told us he was COVID positive, said he walks around the wing and can hold a normal […]

A Good Day

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Today was a good day. I went into work for a couple hours and was surprised I only had to make one EMS notification of a COVID-positive patient. Around noon my daughters and I met another father and his daughter. We hit softballs on a nearby field, all the while complying with the town gathering […]

incredible hulk

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Today was all COVID. What came in as a rectal bleed blossomed into a story of an intense cough, abdominal pain, several days of diarrhea that now had blood in it, and a history of exposure to a COVID positive person. When we arrived on scene, before entering the patient’s apartment, I reached in our […]

OD deaths versus COVID deaths

Early on, I wondered when this was all over, if we would say, we did all this disruption and in the end, fewer people died of COVID than accidental overdoses in our state. Well, this week COVID has blown past substance use deaths. As of yesterday there were 1554 deaths in Connecticut is just a […]


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I am as pessimistic as I have been. Here is my worst case scenario: COVID-19 turns out to be as infectious as the common cold and if people develop antibodies to it, the antibodies only last a few months. People who are asymptomatic turn out to be the biggest spreaders of the disease. Even those […]

PPE Update

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The state Health Department sent out updated guidance on COVID-19 for health care professionals. Here are some of the highlights. Surgical masks should be worn when providing patient contact. A N-95 should be worn when aerosol-generating procedures are being performed. Anyone in a health care facility (patients, visitors, staff) should have at minimum a cloth […]

Nursing Home Slaughter

In Connecticut there are two nursing homes side by side, one is the north building, the other is the south building. They are owned and operated by the same company. I’m guessing the buildings are maybe ¼ mile apart. I have transported patients in and out of both buildings over the years. 35 people have […]

Winter is Coming?

New studies suggest huge undercount of coronavirus infections — but are they right? I have been holding out hope that many more of us than could be imagined have been exposed to corona and are asymptomatic. And this means that in no time at all we as a country have herd immunity, so that even […]

The Worst is Yet Ahead

As many in the world begin to look to reopening their economies, the World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesushief warned today “the worst is yet ahead of us.” He raised the specter of the Spanish flu, calling COVID-19 a “very dangerous combination … like the 1918 flu that killed up to 100 million people.” […]


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I wish there was an antibody test for COVID-19 that I could take right now and that it would be accurate.  I wish it would show that I already had COVID-19.  I would go “Yes!  I knew it!  I knew I had it!”  And I would feel a great well of relief. The problem is […]

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