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The Wolf and the Sheepdog

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In the Looney tunes cartoon, Ralf E. Wolf and Sam the Sheepdog go to work each morning, exchanging greetings while punching the clock. “Morning, Ralph,” the dog says. “Morning, Sam,” the wolf replies. Then it is down to business. The wolf spends his hours trying to steal the sheep and the sheepdog spends his hours […]


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It hasn’t come to Hartford yet, but EMS in states such as Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia and Florida have encountered patients who have overdosed on heroin laced with Carfentanil, an opiate of the synthetic fentanyl family that is 10,000 times stronger than morphine and usually used to tranquilize elephants.  Carfentanil is basically a chemical weapon […]

Election Forecast

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The early returns are in. Heroin addicts in the greater Hartford area have cast two votes for Donald Trump (Using empty heroin bags I found in an area commuter lot as a proxy). Questions.  Did the dealer stamp half his bags with Donald Trump and the other half with Hillary Clinton in order to provide […]

Got Narcan AP

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Last year we heard about a CPR app that alerted people who knew CPR to nearby cardiac arrests so they could race to the scene and perform bystander CPR, potentially saving precious minutes that could mean the difference between life and death, or between anoxic brain injury and the life of a taxpayer. This week […]

BLS Skill Creep

When an ambulance shows up at your house or an EMS scene, they ought to be able to take care of the most common complaints like pain, nausea, and difficulty breathing, to go along obviously with vfib arrest and anaphylaxis. I want the first ambulance to be able to take care of the problem, not […]

Bad Behavior

Years ago I worked for a United States Senator.  One of my early jobs for him was driving him around the state to campaign functions and speeches.  Every now and then someone would give him a hard time about all the rotten people in Washington.  He had a great answer.  He said we were a […]

EMS Opiates and Chronic Pain – 2

I wrote recently about my new found concern about giving opiates to patients with chronic pain. Opiates for Chronic Pain Subsequently as a member of our regional medical advisory committee, I submitted the following draft proposal: Paramedic Chronic Pain Management Guidelines (Draft) Providing opiates to certain patients with chronic pain conditions may not always be […]

Do You Think Your Heart is Healthy?

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Check out this NPR radio podcast: Do You Think Your Heart is Healthy? I was fortunate enough to be asked to be one of three guests on the Colin McEnroe Show this week. I was on to talk about what people can do during a cardiac emergency from a paramedic’s perspective. Thanks to Colin and […]


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An excerpt from Diamond in the Rough, the manuscript of an EMT’s wayward journey in EMS. In this chapter, Tim Anderson revisits a scene. *** The worst thing I saw was called anthropophagi. You can look it up in the dictionary, or wait a moment and figure it out for yourself from what I will […]

Temptation to Steal

The folks over at have posted an excerpt from my new novel, Diamond in the Rough. In the excerpt, the narrator, a young EMT, realizes how easy it would be to steal money from a deceased patient, but his conscience gets the better of him — at least for now. Temptation to Steal Check […]

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