Heroin Bags of Hartford

These are all heroin bags I have found on the streets of Hartford. Not all bags have stamps. I have found many plain white envelopes. Some of these stamps may have been lying in the grass for awhile, others were fresh. Some of the bags such as Avatar, Focus and New World are commercially produced bags and can be bought in packages of 600 on eBay for about $30. $30 for the bags, not the heroin, which the packager must supply. My favorite stamps are the locally stamped ones like Chief, Black Widow and Dead Man. I admit to being fascinated by the names. I understand that dealers brand their bags to help establish customer loyalty and increase sales. It also helps the buyer know what to expect when purchasing. If a user has a certain brand on Monday, it is likely if he buys the same brand on Tuesday, he will find dope of the same quality.  If he