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A Hartford Paramedic’s Guide to Good, Quick, Authentic Take-out Food in the City

When you work the ambulance, you are constantly on the move, and if you are too lazy or disorganized to pack a lunch or looking for something different than your bologna sandwich or the usual Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Subway, Fast Food options, then this guide is designed to tell you where and what you can get in the city. To be listed, it has to be good, reasonable priced, and immediately available. You walk in, you get the food. No waiting ten or fifteen minutes, hoping you don’t get a call before the food is ready. Aside from popping a pizza slice into the oven to het for two minutes, everything in this guide is ready to go.

This guide will not only tell you where these places are, but will tell you how and what to order. For those not working in Hartford, it can serve as a partial guide to ethnic cuisine in your own city.

Hartford is an incredibly diverse ethnic city whose inhabitants have brought cuisine from their native lands – Jamaica, Peurto Rico, Brazil, Dominicana, Columbia, India and other lands prepared for our discovery.

Discover and Enjoy.

Note: I don’t pretend to have every place here. I will be adding restaurants as I discover them. I am always open to suggestions as long as the meet the criteria of quick, convenient, and non-generic.

Most of the restaurants are in Hartford. Eventually I will add some from West Hartford and other surrounding towns in our service area.

Click on the link below for food and restaurants:


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