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Confusion and Unease. That’s what I would say is going on now out here in EMS land. Listen up: First the government told us we had to wear N95 masks when faced with a potential COVID patient. Then we were told a simple face mask was fine. The CDC then issued more revised guidelines that […]


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Connecticut had its first confirmed COVID death today, an 88 year-old nursing home patient. The number of confirmed cases is up to 96. Because of the COVID virus, we cancelled our monthly hospital sponsored in person EMS CME. Instead we held it on-line through an app called WEBex, which is available to our hospital. I […]

41 Cases

The New York Times is reporting a new study out of London that predicts 2.3 million Americans will die without more action by the government with the bulk of the deaths coming in June. White House Takes New Line After Dire Report on Death Toll Connecticut is up to 41 confirmed cases.  No deaths yet […]


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Our hospital had its first COVID-19 case, a 59-year old Hartford man who had already been released to self-isolation when his test came back positive. Hartford Hospital had its first a few days ago. They timed their press conference with the start of the 10:00 PM news. The patient is 88 and comes from a […]

Waiting for Corona

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Connecticut is up to 11 confirmed cases, but none in the Hartford area yet. This is a bit misleading as my understanding is very few people have been tested in our state (The Hartford Courant reports 136 have been tested) due a shortage of test kits and the start up time it takes new labs […]

Protective Measures

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Our Corona response all comes down to this graph:   Source: New York Times All the cancellations, social distancing, self-isolation, hand-washing is about slowing the inevitable spread of the disease so the health care system is not overwhelmed.   Years ago I worked on a factory assembly line and the ideal was for the line to […]


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COVID-19 has breached our state borders. There are four confirmed cases in Connecticut.  I was supposed to fly to Washington today for a federal opioid conference, but the University of Connecticut president issued a decree cancelling all domestic travel for its faculty and staff. (1,2) The governor weighed in two days later and cancelled all […]

Corona Cough

I may have mentioned before, I have a bad chronic cough. I have had it all my life. I can go all day without coughing, and then I get a hunk of phlegm on the back of my throat and I just have to cough, and often it takes me five or six coughs to […]


Death in a Nursing Home We’re called for a child not breathing. The address is a convalescent home. It makes no sense. Then we pull up. There is a car parked askance by the entrance, two front doors and a back door open. The engine still running. In the front lobby two nurses and a […]

Corona Thoughts

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There haven’t been any Corona (COVID-19) cases in Connecticut yet, but I have been watching the news. It’s coming no doubt, but what it will look like when it gets here is anyone’s guess. One day I think it will be the apocalypse, other days, it looks like it will barely be noticeable. Some people […]

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