The Chair

Last week, (due to medic vacations) the company put me into a volunteer town as the paid paramedic (on an ambulance staffed with volunteers) for my shifts. Many years ago, I worked three days a week in the same town in addition to three days of overtime in the city back in the days when […]

AC Fireworks

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Every year on the 4th of July we have a big party at my house. My brother and his family come up from New Jersey. I grill steaks, ribs, burgers, fries, chicken, and also cook fish, scallops, shrimp and sometimes lobster, as well as corn, zucchini, and mashed potatoes. “The tribe,” as my wife calls […]

Don’t Run-Call 911

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  The Greater Hartford Harm Reduction Coalition is passing out free wrist bands which say “Don’t Run Call 911.”  The bands also list their phone number 860-888-5931.  One of their harm reduction workers gave me a bag full of them to pass out.  Now after treating an overdose, and giving my harm reduction spiel — […]


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I just had my second COVID-19 test.  This was part of a study of health care workers at my hospital to see how many front line providers might be infected.  It comes a little late as infections are way down here in Connecticut.  Our positive testing rate (not infection rate) is less than 1% and […]

COVID ACT NOW- Infection Rates

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A friend of mine just told me about a COVID-19 tracking site that he checks daily.  There are so many COVID tracking sites out there, but this one is unique in that it tracks the infection rate. COVID ACT NOW The infection rate is critical because as long as it is below 1, meaning each […]

EMS Books

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Worried about COVID-19?  Stay at home, read a book. Jim Bollenbacher’s new book, Molly, Mushrooms and Mayhem which I recently reviewed,  is now available on Amazon. While you are at it, here are some other great EMS books to check out. Lights and Sirens: The Education of a Paramedic by Kevin Grange published by Berkley. […]

A Long Time

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Prepare yourself.  COVID may be with us for a long time.  Think of it like its cousin, the common cold.  No vaccine for the common cold has ever been found despite its longstanding menace to the people of this earth.  True, many of the world’s brightest scientific minds and billions of dollars are at work […]


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Recently in the New York Times there was article that suggested “Most People with Coronavirus Won’t Spread it. Why Do a Few Infect Many?“ Covid, it seems, is like a forest fire that can simmer and then sudden flash over.  While many diseases have a steady rate of infection (each person passes it on to […]

More Opioid Deaths?

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Is the COVID epidemic causing increased opioid overdose deaths? No one knows for certain, but the head of the White House Office of Drug Policy is speculating that it has, citing increased death statistics from a few states such as Kentucky. Pandemic unleashes a spike in overdose deaths Here in Connecticut we won’t have an […]

Forced Sedation

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Interesting article on NBC news about the use of ketamine for sedating patients in police custody.  Elijah McClain was injected with ketamine while handcuffed.  Some medical experts worry about its use during police calls. The reporter centers the story around the tragic case of Elijah McClain, who was apparently walking down the street, wearing a […]

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