First Night

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Brothers and sisters, carry those lights in your heart, and spread their warmth into every house you enter, every patient you comfort, every life you touch.

Hands On Defibrillation

Is hands on defibrillation safe? Or will we all end up with curly hair?

Bid Shift

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We had our first bid shift in several years recently. For me, it presented a dilemma. Continue working in the city or go to the suburbs in a fly car.


Our stretcher rolls past in the hallway. Each door is open. The story on every channel.

Paramedic Guidelines

It is thrilling to see a group of doctors and paramedics get together, review the medical literature and make changes based on the best interests of their patients.

A Paramedic's Guide to Takeout

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One of my great joys in being a paramedic is the diversity of food I can eat on the job. For the last year I have been working on a blog called “A Paramedic’s Guide to Hartford Takeout. Here is a preview — my top ten list.

Pink Sneakers

A little bit of brightness in a sometimes dim world is no small thing.

NTG and The Hero Medic

My favorite stories are when medics talk about great medics from their past. The stories can be made up, exaggerated or true, but they achieve the status of folklore and the medics in them are our Paul Bunyans and Davy Crockets, our Supermen and our Columbos (the great TV detective played by Peter Faulk).

David Fackleman

He came in, did his shifts and went home. I worked with him a few times. He was old school and I liked him.

Time to Pain Management

“The pre-hospital practitioner has the first and perhaps only opportunity to break the pain cascade.”

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