12-Lead on First Contact

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While studies have shown that between 15-20% of STEMIs don’t emerge until the 2nd or 3rd ECG, there are also cases where the STEMI disappears after the first ECG.

Status Quo

Ever since I have been in EMS — 24 years now — I have heard the discussions about ambulance availability, the need to leave a fully completed documented run form before leaving the hospital, and the need to improve paramedic pay.

New NEMJ Study on Door-to-Balloon and Mortality in STEMI

The New England Medical Journal released a major new observational study that showed that despite a significant reduction in door to balloon time in recent years, there has not been a corresponding decline in 30 –day in-hospital mortality.

Door-to-Balloon Time and Mortality

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In those patients who present early, the shortest possible door-to-balloon time improves outcomes

The Theorem of Early STEMI Notification

Early notification must be > or = to the amount of time it takes the cath lab to be ready to accept the patient to achieve optimal benefit.

Safety of High Dose Nitro in CHF

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A new study adds more support for guidelines allowing paramedics to use high dose SL nitro when faced with patients in respiratory distress due to heart failure with hypertension.

Tough Mudder

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“I ain’t done yet!”

Spinal Immobilization Update

The death watch for spinal immobilization on a long backboard continues to gain steam.

Get Another Job

If you are miserable and hate our patients, I don’t want you working with me.

The Nether Zone

Many people believe that once you enter the hospital doors, you are no longer in charge of your patient.

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