Glass Ampules

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I don’t think EMS should carry drugs in glass ampules.

It Depends

An emergency doctor friend of mine has a great lecture called “It Depends…” He says that for many EMS patient care questions he is asked, the answer is “It depends…:” But there are other questions, he points out, where it does not depend.

#1 Pain Management and Comfort Care

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Today, I see my job not as a lifesaver, but as a comforter.

Christian Schmeck

Christian Schmeck passed away a few days ago at 59. I saw his obituary posted in the EMS room at a local hospital. I suspect most of the newer EMTs who saw it didn’t know who he was.

2. AEDs

Our BLS crews didn’t have defibrillators nor did the police department who were the first responders.

3. STEMI Care

When I went to paramedic school, no one taught us about 12-leads.

Thoughts on Intranasal Narcan

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Every time I need Narcan, I am so used to giving it IM, I never remember we can now give to give it IN. But this time I do remember and quickly attach an atomizer to the end of the prefilled 2 mg syringe.


My # 4 greatest treatment change in the last twenty years is CPAP. Here is what I wrote shortly after using it the first time back in 2007: CPAP This morning we had a call for a 70 year old man with dsypnea and found him guppy-breathing with a BP of 210/100, HR – 144, […]

5. Capnography

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Before capnography, there was…

What I Carry

A reader (Lucus) queried me about what I carry on my when I am on duty:

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