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Check out the great post on Neuro EMS: 30 Seconds to Understanding Drug Addiction “EMS is at the forefront of emergency medicine therefore we should be at the forefront of shattering mental health stigma and providing compassionate, non-judgemental care.” Bravo!


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It is six in the morning and we get called for an overdose outside.  The address is not a surprise — a side street off Park.  Yet when we arrive, we find no one.  We are about to clear when a police officer who has also responded finds a backpack in the snow and sure […]


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I ask my patients who are addicted to heroin how they got started.  Many tell the same tale.  Injury.  Prescription for Percocet or Oxycontin.  They got addicted.  Prescription either went away or couldn’t keep up with their growing tolerance.  They started buying pills on the street.  Then they learned heroin was cheaper and worked even […]

Who Narcan Saves

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I was at a recent meeting of a statewide opiate overdose working group, composed of a wide variety of community stakeholders all committed to helping curb the crisis, when I heard one woman say our goal should be Narcan in every medicine cabinet. Certainly Narcan should be in the homes of any person with a […]

Merry Christmas, Hartford

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Merry Christmas, Nathan Hale Merry Christmas, Stegosaurus Merry Christmas,  Departed Merry Christmas, Brotherman Merry Christmas, True Hearts Fat Turkeys and presents for all! Stay safe.

OxyContin Worldwide

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As the opiate epidemic fueled by the overprescription of Oxycontin and the false claims of its safety is devastating our country, the Los Angeles Times is reporting the drug companies are now aggressively marketing the controversial painkiller overseas, using the same tactics they employed in this country. OxyContin goes global — “We’re only just getting started” Read the entire […]

50,000 Dead-2015 CDC Overdose Report

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52,404 Americans died of preventable drug overdoses in 2015, an 11% increase over 2015 according to a report released December 16, 2016 by the Centers for Disease Control. The death rate from synthetic opiates rose a chilling 73%. Overdose deaths now far outstrip car crash fatalities (37,757) and gun deaths (36,252). Increases in Drug and Opioid-Involved […]

Hartford Police to Carry Narcan

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  When I started as a paramedic in Hartford in 1995, only paramedics carried Naloxone.  Today, BLS ambulances carry it as well as our first responding Hartford Fire Department.  A month from now, our Hartford Police Department officers will also carry it.  This is a good thing. Hartford Police Begin Carrying Naloxone As Drug Overdose Deaths […]


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  I used to believe that addiction was a character flaw, and that the drug fiends I treated on the streets of Hartford were there due to their own poor choices.  That doesn’t mean I treated them badly. I have always tried to treat all my patients as if I were treating members of my […]

A Life Saved

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A 24 year old man from one of Hartford’s suburbs had his life saved by a newspaper. He got into heroin five years ago through, in his own words “stupidity.”   While many get into it through injury, a doctor’s prescription exposing them to opiates, taking too many, becoming addicted, getting cut off or needing […]

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