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The first time I rode in an ambulance I was in the first grade. It was in the spring of 1964. I was on an Indian Guide (“Like Father, Like Son, Pals Forever”) outing with my father and other fathers and sons in our “tribe.” We were riding our bicycles to a park where we […]

Moment of Truth

“Do you find fat people repulsive?” “Have you ever inappropriately touched a patient?” “Have you ever falsified a report?” *** These are questions that will be asked an EMT on the Fox show Moment of Truth on Tuesday night. A contestant can win $500,000 by answering twenty-one progressively more difficult questions honestly based on the […]

What Happened?

There are many things a paramedic(or EMT) has to do on the scene of a trauma (or sometimes even the scene of a bad medical). Among them is to answer the question “What happened?” Sometimes the patient can tell you. “I went over the handlebars on my bike and hit my head. It hurts, but […]

The Accident

After I finally punch out, I drive slowly home through the darkened streets of the town and then out onto a country road. No radio on. After awhile I look at the road and wonder where I am. For a moment I think I am lost, but then I realize it is just misty out. […]

EMS Blogging

I occasionally have people ask me for advice about writing/blogging about EMS. Here are some excerpts from a post I wrote in March of 2007: Blogging About EMSWhen I first considered starting a blog, I consulted with “the MacMedic,” a paramedic who at the time was working in my state. He gave me some advice […]

The Gear (Oops)

I wrote recently about screwups with the gear. Equipment(Brain) Malfunction This just proves there is always a new chapter. I checked out my monitor the other day, doing a quick eyeball, BP cuff, monitor leads before checking the battery, doing the user test, and then opening up the back and top compartments for check for […]


I want to compliment myself because I took a vow quite awhile back that I would stop whining about all the bad things in this job, and I think I have done a pretty good job of it lately. When you start letting things like lengthy triage waits and pompous health care providers (whether hospital, […]

Just a Paramedic

Baby Medic asks in his most recent post Routine about the frustrations of the mundane in EMS: I would like to know how those who have been doing this job for a long time are able to withstand the mundane. Do they no longer live for the exciting calls? Are they content to relax in […]

Book News

This morning’s New York Times has an excellent review of Shannon Burke’s novel “Black Flies.” In recent days I have heard from a number of paramedics and EMTs who have read the book and they have all given it a thumbs up. I recommend it. Black Flies: Blood and Guts *** British EMT blogger Tom […]

The Asshole

I‘ve been called an “Asshole” by a patient two days running now. I guess I have to reluctantly plead guilty in the first instance. The second, I’m not ready to admit it yet. Here’s how the calls went down. *** The first was for a diabetic, altered level of consciousness. 40-year-old man lying in bed […]

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