The Accident

After I finally punch out, I drive slowly home through the darkened streets of the town and then out onto a country road. No radio on. After awhile I look at the road and wonder where I am. For a moment I think I am lost, but then I realize it is just misty out. […]

EMS Blogging

I occasionally have people ask me for advice about writing/blogging about EMS. Here are some excerpts from a post I wrote in March of 2007: Blogging About EMSWhen I first considered starting a blog, I consulted with “the MacMedic,” a paramedic who at the time was working in my state. He gave me some advice […]

The Gear (Oops)

I wrote recently about screwups with the gear. Equipment(Brain) Malfunction This just proves there is always a new chapter. I checked out my monitor the other day, doing a quick eyeball, BP cuff, monitor leads before checking the battery, doing the user test, and then opening up the back and top compartments for check for […]


I want to compliment myself because I took a vow quite awhile back that I would stop whining about all the bad things in this job, and I think I have done a pretty good job of it lately. When you start letting things like lengthy triage waits and pompous health care providers (whether hospital, […]

Just a Paramedic

Baby Medic asks in his most recent post Routine about the frustrations of the mundane in EMS: I would like to know how those who have been doing this job for a long time are able to withstand the mundane. Do they no longer live for the exciting calls? Are they content to relax in […]

Book News

This morning’s New York Times has an excellent review of Shannon Burke’s novel “Black Flies.” In recent days I have heard from a number of paramedics and EMTs who have read the book and they have all given it a thumbs up. I recommend it. Black Flies: Blood and Guts *** British EMT blogger Tom […]

The Asshole

I‘ve been called an “Asshole” by a patient two days running now. I guess I have to reluctantly plead guilty in the first instance. The second, I’m not ready to admit it yet. Here’s how the calls went down. *** The first was for a diabetic, altered level of consciousness. 40-year-old man lying in bed […]

Trauma Room

I’ve been bringing quite a number of patients to the trauma room lately. You get hurt in a routine motor vehicle accident, you end up in a regular room in the ED or probably even more likely, a bed in the hallway until they can clear your c-spine, get you off the backboard and send […]

Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science

I’m reading an excellent book, Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science. First off, the author is a great writer. The book is thoughtful, easy reading and hard to put down. Second, while written by a surgeon much of it is very relevant to the world of EMS. Among his subject matter: Mistakes by […]

The Future of Intubation

I recently taught the bougie station at an airway class for ED physicians. While there I got to sit in on an excellent airway lecture and play with some of the other airway devices in the hospital’s difficult airway cart. There was a vendor there from King Systems helping demonstrate a new product of theirs […]

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