Seizure Notes from JEMS/EMS Today

Here are my notes from Notes from Bob Page’s Whole Lotta Shaking Going On Presentation (any inaccuracies are my fault): Seizure is a temporary malfunction of the brain, an “electrical storm in the brain.” For every 1 time someone has a seizure and calls 911, there are 20 others who don’t call. Idiopathic seizures (epilepsy) […]


Back at work. I’ve been trying to put together my conference notes, but for some reason I just feel all EMSed out. It’s odd because usually when I come back from a conference, I’m all psyched up and rearing to go. Today, its been like “What hospital do you want to go to? Okay. We’re […]


I’m safely back from the conference today in time to work tomorrow. It will take me a couple days to write up all my impressions, they’ll include: Notes on Seizures session with Bob Page Great, but chilling, session on ambulance safety with Nadine Levick. Report on beer with bloggers/podcasters. General impressions.

JEMS/EMS Today Report #2

First session of the day was on mechanical adjuncts to CPR. Most of the session was about the physiology of CPR, which I am pretty comfortable with. The man teaching the class was a scientfic advisor to the Autopulse (but had no financial interest), and had done the Autopulse study in Richmond, Virginia, which was […]

Report from JEMS/EMS TODAY #1

Drove down with a fellow medic, and on the way discussed ways to get other medics more interested in education. I believe medics are not opposed to getting more education, its just that the economics of the job make it difficult to take the time off, not just to get to a nightly session, but […]


Bitterly cold here today. The tones go off and we get a call and you feel like saying “Do we have to?” or “No, I’m not going, it’s too cold!” I guess it is all what you are used to and dressing warmly enough. I’m hoping it will be warmer in Baltimore. Last year I […]

Hot Dogs

Been slow this week and most of the calls have been for young people with the flu. Yesterday I had a seventeen-year old with fever and diarrhea. He spoke in a death bed whisper. I wanted to say you are not on TV or trying out for a movie role — there is nothing wrong […]

JEMS – Bloggers

I understand some EMS bloggers are going to try to get together down at JEMS on Friday night. I am going to try to meet up with them. Blogger Meeting From what I gather, the group could include: EMS HaikuParamedic BlogMad Dog Medic and possibly more. I know Baby Medic will be down there as […]

Blogging about EMS

It seems that with increasing frequency I am reading or hearing about someone involved in EMS getting in trouble, and occasionally losing their job over what they have written in their blog or posted on the internet. The link below is the latest story: Warning Issued to Kentucky Paramedic After Web Site Posting When I […]

The AutoPulse

A reader asked me to comment on the AutoPulse, the automated CPR device that straps around a patient’s chest and delievers compressions at a consistent rate and depth. Let me start by saying I have never used the device. I have talked to many medics who have and who have been amazed at the machine’s […]

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