DNR Study Results

As many readers of this blog know I am very interested in prehospital research. I have been talking with one of my medical control doctors and the leader of our research journal club about actually initiating our own research projects. It is not as easy as just going out and doing a project. If your […]


Today as part of a research project, I distributed the following questionnaire to paramedics at our annual paramedic skills session. *** Paramedic DNR Study Please Fill in or Circle Your Answers How many years have you been a paramedic? ____ How old are you now? ____ To the best of your recollection how many times […]

Johnny Tops

I always put a fresh hospital Johnny (gown) on my stretcher along with a clean sheet, bath blanket and towel. If I am going to do a 12-lead ECG, run a bag of fluid or even just do a good torso exam, I like to get the patient out of their tee-shirt, button down shirt […]


It’s funny in EMS how you can get talking about something, and then something similar happens. You talk about a bad motorcycle accident or messy GI bleed code and then that’s what you get sent for. Why we were just talking about… It’s really just random chance. How many times do people use the Q-word […]

Capnography and Intubation

Note: I am double posting this on this blog and my capnography blog. When I was at a conference this past year one of the speakers said the data on prehospital intubation is so bad that if EMS had to go before the FDA to get approval to allow medics to intubate, it would be […]


Old woman has a syncopal episode at the dinning room table. No prior history. The family says she was out 1-2 minutes. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she vomited. Can’t determine whether she vomited and then passed out or passed out and vomited. She looks terrible, although she is alert. She says […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This is the first Thursday since I have been in EMS that I have not had a regular shift scheduled on this day. When I started in 1989 at a small ambulance company, I worked every Thursday. When I went to work for the state, I rode with a volunteer ambulance every […]

Paramedic Obituary

Sirens in the Night

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

My left deltoid is killing me. I can hardly lift my arm up. I got a flu shot last night. Needles don’t bother me. I took the PPD like a pro. The little tuberculin syringe into the right forearm. I hardly felt it. Then the nurse pulled out the flu shot needle. I wasn’t even […]

Hole in the Windshield

Past midnight. A giant of a man stands by the open door of his twisted Buick blinded by the lights of the fire truck. He is bare-chested, blood streaming from his severely lacerated head. There is a hole in the windshield the size of a basketball. “I don’t need a collar,” he says, ripping off […]

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