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Paramedics and The ET Tube

The days of handing a laryngyscope to a new paramedic and telling him to go out and not kill anyone need to come to an end.

2010: A Year in Paramedicine

Every medic’s experience is going to be different based on the type of service they operate in, their medical control, the hours they work and the population served. Here then are my 2010 stats.

Death in the ICU

Our primary job is saving lives, but we are also here to provide hope and comfort, and to be present to act in time of need. Showing a family that help was there, that everything possible was done, and then giving them time to gather and say goodbye to a loved one is something to be proud of. It is hard to measure its worth.

ACLS Drugs: The Verdict

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Do ACLS medications make any difference in cardiac arrest?…Now a new study has come out that makes the best attempt yet to answer this crucial question, as well as another question I have often wondered about. “If the drugs aren’t doing any good, is it the drugs’ fault or perhaps the fault of poor CPR?”


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The rumor that we use the cooler to keep beer in is simply not true. No EMS TV series will be based on our zany or depraved escapades as we are all too old or boring or busy doing the real work of EMS to think of such activity.

Cardiac Arrest Thoughts

I’ve been doing this a long time — 15 years as a medic — and it amazes me how often I find new ways to do things or think about things. I did another cardiac arrest yesterday. Fairly routine. Yet another nursing home hospital bed one legged diabetic dialysis patient pulseless, apneic, CPR in progress, […]

Minimally Interrupted CPR

There is another new study out (published in the March 12 Journal of the American Medical Association that may change the way we do CPR, continuing the emphasis on “Minimally Interrupted CPR.” Minimally Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Here the jist of the protocol: This novel approach, aimed at maximizing cerebral perfusion, involves: […]

Capnography and Intubation

Note: I am double posting this on this blog and my capnography blog. When I was at a conference this past year one of the speakers said the data on prehospital intubation is so bad that if EMS had to go before the FDA to get approval to allow medics to intubate, it would be […]

A Blanket

It is during the tail end of a snow storm that has left ten inches in six hours. We are on the way back from the hospital after a call where we had to wade through deep drifts to get to a patient’s farmhouse. The roads are barely plowed. We get called for a 93-year […]

New AHA CPR and ECG Guidelines

I’m like a kid before Christmas waiting for the new AHA CPR and ECC guidelines to come out. For almost a year I have been following the evidence sheets posted on the Heart Association web site, and nearly everyday in November checked the site for the new guidelines to be posted. When they finally came […]