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Temperature Checks: White Walker

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I had my temperature taken seven times yesterday at work on the ambulance.  I had it taken on arrival at work, and then multiple times later on entering health care facilities, including an emergency room.  My highest temperature was 96.8.  Sometimes I ask the testers if they have ever encountered anyone who had a fever […]

COVID-19 and Cardiac Arrest

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Out of hospital cardiac arrests rose by 58% in Italy during the first 40 days of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, compared to the same time interval a year earlier.  More arrests occurred at home, more were unwitnessed, EMS took longer to respond and […]

Three Scenarios

Yesterday when Connecticut saw its 12th straight day of hospitalization drops as well as a continuing trend of lower deaths, the University of Washington COVID-19 model raised its forecast death toll for the state from 3,315 to 4,047. The reason was the state is beginning to relax its social distancing policies and open up more […]

COVID Free Zone

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Hospitalizations have dropped for eleven days in a row in Connecticut, and for the first time there was a decent drop in deaths that should continue as the deaths usually lag hospitalizations by one to two weeks. Normally I work on Sunday, but since I went part time a month or so ago, I have […]

Connecticut 3rd in Nation in COVID Death Rate

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The Hartford Courant reported yesterday Connecticut has one of the highest COVID death rates in the nation.  The primary reasons for this are we are a small densely populated state with a high elderly population, many nursing homes and three of the poorest cities in the nation (where multiple people with underlying health conditions live […]

Man versus Germ

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I drove into a nursing home today bringing a patient back from her dialysis session, and encountered another EMS crew, fully gowned and decontaminating their ambulance and stretcher after bringing a COVID positive patient discharged from the hospital back to the home. The crew was spraying their gear with bleach and whipping down every stretcher […]

History’s Lesson

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I finally finished reading The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History by John M. Barry about the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak. They say history repeats itself and reading that book while the great COVID epidemic of 2020 is going on over a 100 years later is chilling. Man doesn’t seem to learn. […]

Gas Mask

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Sitting in my office earlier today watching ambulances bring in COVID patients, I saw one responder in a yellow haz mat suit with a gas mask on. The PPE some services are providing continues to be upgraded. It may be expensive, but when compared to the cost of human life, not to mention lost workforce, […]

Rick James, David Crosby and Mike Pence

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A large man stands handcuffed, surrounded by six police officers by the side of the road.  Nearby two citizens have their iPhones out recording.  The man does not mince his words.  “I’m going to kill all of you.  I hate cops.  I’m going to eat you.  You’re gonna be in my belly.” It is clear […]

Good Times Again?

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States are starting to open up their economies. Here in Connecticut, hospitalizations have dropped for five days in a row. There is talk of major league baseball planning to play this summer. The stock market is booming again in anticipation that good times will be here again. Some public health ninnies are warning this is […]

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