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Division of Labor

If you work commercial ambulance in a high volume system, and if one of you is a paramedic and one an EMT (the standard in our system), you and your partner are going to need to work out a way of dividing up the calls.

Back In The City

I had not worked a city shift in nearly three years since I took my second job as an EMS coordinator. I forgot how much I loved it. I feel like I am back to my roots.

Old Paramedics

My hearing is not so bad that I can’t at a distance hear the tick tick tick of the finite clock that beats for all of us.

Paramedics and EMTs

Years ago, I saw a very funny cartoon which showed how people in EMS viewed each other. I don’t remember the whole cartoon, I just remembered how the EMT viewed the paramedic. The paramedic was drawn as Darth Vader.

2010: A Year in Paramedicine

Every medic’s experience is going to be different based on the type of service they operate in, their medical control, the hours they work and the population served. Here then are my 2010 stats.


Tonight is the premiere of another new EMS oriented TV series — Trauma — which is on at 9:00 PM EST on NBC. At that hour I will likely be reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?” and “Good Night, Moon” to my twenty-month-old daughter in hopes that she will finally close her […]