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Paramedics and The ET Tube

The days of handing a laryngyscope to a new paramedic and telling him to go out and not kill anyone need to come to an end.


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20 years ago when I was an EMT-Intermediate, we used a device called an EOA (esophageal obdurator airway). The airway was designed to occlude the esophagus, thus enabling supraglottic ventilation. The main problem with the EOA was sometimes instead of going in the esophagus, it ended up in the trachea and was not recognized. I […]

The Battle

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The good (get an airway that works quick and avoid any CPR interruptions) medic hasn’t completely defeated the bad (I gotta get my tube) medic but there is hope for me.

Gathering of Eagles

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If there is one conference I go to next year, I would like to go to the annual EMS state of the Science Conference — better known as the Gathering of Eagles — held in Dallas each February.

ET Interruptions

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The bottom line: paramedic out-of-hospital endotracheal intubation efforts were associated with multiple and prolonged CPR interruptions.


I got to insert an LMA the other day. I had previously done one when I was in the Dominican as part of a surgical medical mission team. The anaesthesiologist let me put one in on a patient who was having a hernia repaired. I slipped it in, and then that was that. I went […]

Cardiac Arrest Thoughts

I’ve been doing this a long time — 15 years as a medic — and it amazes me how often I find new ways to do things or think about things. I did another cardiac arrest yesterday. Fairly routine. Yet another nursing home hospital bed one legged diabetic dialysis patient pulseless, apneic, CPR in progress, […]

The Future of Intubation

I recently taught the bougie station at an airway class for ED physicians. While there I got to sit in on an excellent airway lecture and play with some of the other airway devices in the hospital’s difficult airway cart. There was a vendor there from King Systems helping demonstrate a new product of theirs […]

Minimally Interrupted CPR

There is another new study out (published in the March 12 Journal of the American Medical Association that may change the way we do CPR, continuing the emphasis on “Minimally Interrupted CPR.” Minimally Interrupted Cardiac Resuscitation for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Here the jist of the protocol: This novel approach, aimed at maximizing cerebral perfusion, involves: […]

Thoughts on CPR, Compressions, ETCO2 and Codes

I came back from a week off the other day and was greeted with a cardiac arrest on my first call and then another arrest the next day. Both codes were asystole, although we managed to get pulses back briefly on the second one. I had my preceptee with me on both calls. He got […]

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