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The 6 Rs – Right Patient

Of the 6 R’s EMS personnel may think the Right Patient doesn’t apply to us….Let me tell you about a call.

The 6Rs – The Right Route

The thinking may be we are out in the wild and have to get the work done so time applies to us differently. I have seen medics demonstrate their sixty second push. They say “One, two, three, sixty,” as they push the plunger in.

The 6 R's – Right Dose

Sometimes we get caught up in the chaos, the uncontrolled environment we work in and use it as an excuse, forgetting that it is our job to bring order to that chaos, and our job to try to practice always to the highest standards.

The 6 Rs – The Right Drug

“Is this drug the right drug?” “Is it necessary?” “Am I sure?” Simple, but essential questions.

EMS Errors and Patient Safety

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Sit around a table after work drinking beers with your coworkers and listen to the tales. It is the Wild West. Sure there are many medics – the majority, I believe — who do heroic deeds and provide professional care, but there are some other tales out there that would make shocking stories on 60 Minutes.


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Other morning I come in, move the gear, check the ambulance. All seems well.

Medication Errors – Epinephrine

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These are not the only two times epi 1:1000 has been given IV. It is, in fact, a not uncommon error. Whether the medic is a fool or an excellent medic badly screwing up, the fact is the drug is right there in the kit waiting not just to save a life, but to take one.