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Bed Pan Brigade Recruit

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Writing this I realized that the arguement I often use to give a patient another dose of morphine in the parking lot is that time to the hospital doesn’t always equate to time to medical care in the hospital. Studies have shown hospitals can have a median time of 149 minutes to medication after triage. I wonder what the numbers are with regards to time to the hospital versus time to the bedpan in the hospital.

AHA Guidelines 2010 — Coming Oct.

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When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for the Street and Smith’s Annual Baseball issue to hit the newsstand so I could check out how their experts thought the Red Sox would be in that coming Spring — what was the projected lineup? Who were the hot rookies? Who would win the pennant?…Now I wait every five years for the American Heart Association’s ECC Guidelines. What kind of CPR will we be doing? Any changes in ALS drugs?

Death By Detergent

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A hundred yards ahead, we can see the officer standing by the snow-covered car, but then he turns and waves his arms to get our attention. “Stay there!” he shouts.

ACLS Drugs: The Verdict

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Do ACLS medications make any difference in cardiac arrest?…Now a new study has come out that makes the best attempt yet to answer this crucial question, as well as another question I have often wondered about. “If the drugs aren’t doing any good, is it the drugs’ fault or perhaps the fault of poor CPR?”

Glimpse of the End

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Let me say right from the outset that I love being a paramedic and dread that day that I can no longer do this work. That said I have had two moments in my career where I have glimpsed that day.

2009: A Year of Paramedicine

I was able to go through the data bank for the full year 2009 and select out my calls to get some quantitative idea of what I do as a paramedic in a one year period.

IO on Living Person

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I have used the EZ-IO about eight or nine times, but always on cardiac arrests. We can use it on living patients in extremis, and while I know of medics who have done so, I have not encountered the situation yet, but this I am thinking may be that time.


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The woman, sitting on the couch, is pale and looks uncomfortable. Her pulse is very rapid. Too fast for me to count.

Winter's Fuel

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While I am not knocking the fact that today I am getting paid double time and a half holiday pay, I think you can make the arguement that our work in EMS is not the work of material advancement, but the work of mankind. There is a certain privledge in looking out over the community, in being its protector, particularly on Christmas Day.

Paramedic to Nurse Program

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If you are a paramedic, you are eligible to get a nursing degree from Excelsior College. You do not have to go to a physical class. You study on your own and take exams via computer when you are ready. There are no traditional clinicals.

You study on your own and take exams via computer at a Pearson testing center when you are ready. You pick the date and time from the many openings they have.

There are no clinicals.

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