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I did an interview with Greg Friese of Everyday EMS Tips as part of his EMS Author Chat series.


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The rumor that we use the cooler to keep beer in is simply not true. No EMS TV series will be based on our zany or depraved escapades as we are all too old or boring or busy doing the real work of EMS to think of such activity.

No Easy Trail

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I walk in alone. The leaves of late fall rest brittle on the ground. I have to watch my step on the uneven terrain. Bare branches pull at my pants and workshirt.

Oxygen Heresy

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“The routine use of high-flow oxygen in uncomplicated MI may result in a greater infarct size and possibly increase the risk of mortality.”


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When we arrive at the cardiologist’s office, we are led down the hall to our patient’s room where a 12-lead machine is spitting out an ECG. I can see the ST elevation from the doorway.


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He is ghostly pale. There is vomit in the waste basket. I touch his forehead and it is as soggy as a sponge.

Ambassador of Love

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I am now a dual citizen. I am just waiting for Dixie McCall to teach me the nurses’s secret handshake and tell me at which Moose Lodge they hold their hotenannies.

Running the Streets

I finished my half marathon on Saturday, limping across the finish line in 2:34:14. Part of the run went through streets and neighborhoods in Hartford where I have responded over the years to motor vehicles, drunks, cardiacs, asthmas, shootings, diabetics and general illness. When I started as a paramedic in Hartford, I did most of […]

The Future of Intubation

I recently taught the bougie station at an airway class for ED physicians. While there I got to sit in on an excellent airway lecture and play with some of the other airway devices in the hospital’s difficult airway cart. There was a vendor there from King Systems helping demonstrate a new product of theirs […]

Thoughts on CPR, Compressions, ETCO2 and Codes

I came back from a week off the other day and was greeted with a cardiac arrest on my first call and then another arrest the next day. Both codes were asystole, although we managed to get pulses back briefly on the second one. I had my preceptee with me on both calls. He got […]

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