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Compression Only CPR

Many of you may have seen the recent news story about bystander CPR without mouth to mouth. Here’s the link: Web MD Article NY Times(AP): Without Mouth to Mouth CPR Still Works And here’s the study abstract: The Lancet 2007; 369:920-926 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation by bystanders with chest compression only (SOS-KANTO): an observational study BackgroundMouth-to-mouth ventilation […]

Christmas Eve: Fifteen on the Scale

It’s Christmas eve. We get called to one of the local nursing homes for rib pain. The room number sounds familiar. As we wheel our stretcher through the lobby, “Good King Wencelous” plays through the speakers. Gently shone the moon that night, thou the frost was cruel. When a poor man came in sight, gathering […]

New AHA CPR and ECG Guidelines

I’m like a kid before Christmas waiting for the new AHA CPR and ECC guidelines to come out. For almost a year I have been following the evidence sheets posted on the Heart Association web site, and nearly everyday in November checked the site for the new guidelines to be posted. When they finally came […]


Did a code at a nursing home last week. Patient, last seen allegedly an hour earlier, found apneic and pulseless in bed. She was asystole with cool, cyanotic skin. No shock advised on the first responders’ defibrillator. I intubated her, did a round of epi down the tube, then got an IV and did 25 […]

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