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As important as all the skills you will do is getting the cath lab team sliding down their bat poles and getting their superhero suits on and having them there ready to work their miracles when you come through the door with your patient.

Death in the ICU

Our primary job is saving lives, but we are also here to provide hope and comfort, and to be present to act in time of need. Showing a family that help was there, that everything possible was done, and then giving them time to gather and say goodbye to a loved one is something to be proud of. It is hard to measure its worth.


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Once again routine earns its pay.


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So 90 minutes is the goal? But is there anything magic about the 90 minute time? And how much better or worse does someone do if they get to the cath lab earlier or later than the 90 minutes?

Oxygen Heresy

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“The routine use of high-flow oxygen in uncomplicated MI may result in a greater infarct size and possibly increase the risk of mortality.”


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When we arrive at the cardiologist’s office, we are led down the hall to our patient’s room where a 12-lead machine is spitting out an ECG. I can see the ST elevation from the doorway.


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He is ghostly pale. There is vomit in the waste basket. I touch his forehead and it is as soggy as a sponge.

STEMI Interpretation

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I’ve been spending a great deal of time at my clinical coordinator job looking at STEMI cases, as well as putting together educational material. When we take a class in STEMI recognition, the ECGs, once you know how to read them, are all pretty clear cut. You can flash the 12-leads on the screen and […]


Something really nice happened today. I was in the supply closet, putting away our latest shipment, when my partner came in and said someone was here to see me. I walked out through the bay and into the main area and there was a man and a woman in maybe their late forties. The woman […]

"Funky Troubling Looking" — Right Bundle Branch Block and MI

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As I mentioned in a recent post, we have a process for instituting a STEMI alert to, in consultation with an ED doctor, activate the cath lab prehospitally based on clinical assessment and a 12-Lead ECG. The coordinator at the hospital that I transport most of my patients to told me so far EMS is […]

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